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Why doesn’t everyone love me?

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Although it is comical to watch B-Daddy and his insane Clown Posse get spanked by his own pocket poodles ( The Media ) it’s also nothing but distraction.  B-Daddy’s FCC just pushed through Net Neutrality, as usual it means the opposite of what it says. 

This little set of regulations is designed to make sure that anyone that is too successful on the net, whether publisher or provider, is shut down or marginalized. The left has nothing to worry about since their readership is almost as low as mine 🙂

They are also pushing hard for cap-n-rape, yet another set of regulations and laws that will increase unemployment, taxes, and reduce productivity and of course consumption. This is the goal of everyone in the same boat leftist thinking, sure the boats going down but hey we are all in it together.

Health care is on the table as well along with what that all means, more taxes, less service, more early and avoidable deaths to save money, not ours mind you, theirs, I mean Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank have a certain standard of living and they can’t be expected to live within a budget like mere mortals.

Crushing the American economy fast is not an easy thing to do, but B-Daddy and his crew are getting traction even if they are rather incompetent. If they fail that will be news, they have two branches of government on their side, the third is hardly fighting them, and the media who is supposed to act as watchdogs are too busy waiting for a pat on the head or a treat from B-Daddy himself  (their tails just wag hard when they even think about it, or maybe they get a tingle up their legs)

Things look somewhat grim but not catastrophic because Fox, Breitbart, Beck, Limbaugh etc. are fighting back. Considering that they have 1/100oth of the resources that B-Daddy has it’s amazing that they are in a real fist fight with a chance of knocking out B-Daddy.

Now any competent wanna-be dictator worth his salt would just declare martial law and ascend to the throne, must have something to do with that pesky military that has taken an oath to uphold the constitution, who’s members mostly love America  and might not go along with this nut jobs horrifying vision for the US of AmeriKa, not to mention that their moms would most likely be standing down range.

I asked some leftist acquaintances  (leftist can never be true friends) to join me in praying to God to destroy the wicked, tear down the corrupt, silence the liars, and utterly humiliate those who would destroy our country or do Americans harm.

I found their response interesting because I make sure they understand this is a generic request that leaves it up to God to fill in the names, I am more than willing to concede I might be totally wrong in my own opinions of B-Daddy and his crew, are they willing to concede the same?

The responses ranged from horror to outright anger they all seemed unsure of whether their team is playing for the dark side and they don’t like the thought of any kind of intervention from a higher power that might not take to kindly to bad behavior.

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