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Nobel Hack Prize

NobelTyring Prize

Obama Wins! But no one is exactly sure for what

This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Exactly 4 weeks into his presidency the corrupt Nobel committee decided to give this guy the prize?  I guess they are fans of Chicago style gangland politics.

I think the Norwegians don’t grasp the subtleties of the word “Peace” or “Prize” usually you have to undertake and accomplish something to be awarded a prize. As far as peace, well let’s face it Eurotrash governments roll over and show their buttocks to every aggressor that comes their way. 

Is it any surprise then that when they see an America president cowering in fear of Iran, North Korea, China, Russia etc. that they immediately associate their own suicidal surrender tendencies with his stated tactics and deem it worthy of praise?

No one should get too worked up over this, the committee has been a joke for years, this is just more confirmation that the Nobel Prize is handed out for ideology and not judged by accomplishments, or for that matter objective reality.


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